Lost Puppy

We have very little information on this, but today Alice Newton of the Observatory B & B had a woman drop in with a puppy in her car, that she believed was lost.  Unfortunately we have no description of this puppy but only that it was taken to the Osoyoos Visitors Centre.  If anyone is missing a little doggy that is where they can begin to look.

Thanks Alice.

Mark McKenney, President, Anarchist Mountain Community Society

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2 Responses to Lost Puppy

  1. Claudia says:

    A big, big thank you for all who were involved with this puppy, “Sira”.
    Sira ran off our property and I could get her back from the pound sound and safe. We are so happy to have her back. Thanks again,
    Claudia and Tjipke Punter

    • Jan Pel says:

      This line is not at all about your Sira. It’s about Tjipke’s family. My name is Jan Pel. In 1967 I was living with his family, the Punters, in Lutkewierum. My mother, Geeske van der Woude, was a cousin of Hinke, Tjipkes mother. For a long time already I am trying to find Tjipke’s family. I would appreciate it very much if you would respond to this message.

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