Rock Creek Fair and Fires

Hello Everyone,

Over the last few weeks I have been asked about the local fire situation.  Our family was not personally affected, but many in our area were.  People have asked me what they can do to help.  The citizens of BC and Canada have been very generous, emergency agencies have worked well, and people who suffered losses are getting to deal with damage assessment and long term rebuilding plans etc.

Here are two ways to donate: or 1-800-418-1111

Morale is a very important aspect of this destruction.  Many affected families have close ties to the Rock Creek Fall Fair.  One positive way (that is lots of fun too!) to show your support is to come to our fair Sept 19-20.  Having a huge turn-out at this event would bolster spirits and show us all how much the rest of BC cares!  There will be a display and information on the local fires, as well as a donation process set up at the fair.

For more information on our fair visit:

If you come to the fair, drop by the cattle barn to say, “Hi!”  I hope to see you there!

Dean Corbett

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