Update & Thank You regarding Darwin the missing dog

Update on Darwin the missing Dog.  As of today we have not been able to locate Darwin.  He vanished moments after the rattle snake incident on July 8th.  We never saw him again.

We would like to thank everyone that spent time looking for him.  Many of you did not know him or us and yet spent time searching.  We are very grateful that we live in such a wonderful place with such great neighbours.

This post was delayed by a wedding at our house this past weekend.  We hope to meet many of you at future events now that the wedding plans are not consuming all our time.

Thank you all!

Bill and Lynn Seres

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3 Responses to Update & Thank You regarding Darwin the missing dog

  1. Teresa Marty says:

    So very sorry that your dog has not been found.

  2. Hilda says:

    I have constantly been keeping an ‘eye’ open comparing the photo to those of dogs found in the OK and even in the USA…. sorry that Darwin has not been sighted since the incident.

  3. Is there a picture posted of Darwin or description? Have you contacted No Paws Left Behind just south of Oroville, they take in a lot of dogs.

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