Telus vs ABC Speed Test

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As promised, here is some info on our move to Telus Internet.  We currently have both Telus and ABC up and running and Bernard has been doing some speed comparisons at various times through out the last few days.  Remember that the download speed is much more important than the upload speed.  We have experienced no buffering when viewing cat videos with Telus 🙂  It is a huge improvement but, the costs are different.

Telus has a flex plan, so you pay more or less depending on what you use.  It starts at $10/mth for 100MB and moves up to $85/mth for 10GB.  After that, it’s 5cents /MB.  If you have a Telus phone (land line or cell), you will get a $5/mth discount to bundle.

ABC has a fixed rate for 10GB.  We pay $39.95 and then an additional $3.50/GB.  I believe they have different plans with different speeds.  I think we are on the middle plan.

I have heard/read mixed reviews about Xplorenet.  Lots of people love it and say it’s reasonably priced but some say it’s slow.  I have 2 recent quotes.  One resident pays $78 for 50GB and another was just quoted $60 for 30GB per month.

So, please take all this info “with a grain of salt”.  Do your own research before choosing a provider.  I’m sure that residents will have information and questions and I encourage you to leave comments by scrolling to the end of this post and leave a comment.

Here is the comparison that Bernard mapped:  Speed Test

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