Telus vs ABC Speed Test

Hi All,

As promised, here is some info on our move to Telus Internet.  We currently have both Telus and ABC up and running and Bernard has been doing some speed comparisons at various times through out the last few days.  Remember that the download speed is much more important than the upload speed.  We have experienced no buffering when viewing cat videos with Telus 🙂  It is a huge improvement but, the costs are different.

Telus has a flex plan, so you pay more or less depending on what you use.  It starts at $10/mth for 100MB and moves up to $85/mth for 10GB.  After that, it’s 5cents /MB.  If you have a Telus phone (land line or cell), you will get a $5/mth discount to bundle.

ABC has a fixed rate for 10GB.  We pay $39.95 and then an additional $3.50/GB.  I believe they have different plans with different speeds.  I think we are on the middle plan.

I have heard/read mixed reviews about Xplorenet.  Lots of people love it and say it’s reasonably priced but some say it’s slow.  I have 2 recent quotes.  One resident pays $78 for 50GB and another was just quoted $60 for 30GB per month.

So, please take all this info “with a grain of salt”.  Do your own research before choosing a provider.  I’m sure that residents will have information and questions and I encourage you to leave comments by scrolling to the end of this post and leave a comment.

Here is the comparison that Bernard mapped:  Speed Test

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8 Responses to Telus vs ABC Speed Test

  1. Bill Seres says:

    I switched from Rogers to Telus and found Telus to be faster. I have noticed that I go over the 10 gb every month on Telus and never went over 7gb with Rogers. My usage has not changed. Has anyone else found their usage higher than expected since they switched?

  2. John says:

    Thanks for the research Patti

  3. if anyone is using Xplornet what they don’t tell you is that their modem does not communicate well with any kind of dlink router. Change your router to Linksys or anything other than dlink and you will have a great increase in speed. Also remember to refresh or reset your router once a week so that you don’t have it searching for old IPs, because every time you come and go from the house with a device it records a new IP

  4. Hélène Godin says:

    I am on Observatory Road…can I get Telus Internet here? I was told that their fiber optic cable doesn’t come up from Osoyoos to here?

    • anarchistmcs says:

      Hi Helene,

      Yes, you should be able to. You’re right that the fiber optic solution is not available here but this Telus Internet is provided using the new cell tower on the mountain. If you can get a good signal (say 3 bars) on a Telus cell phone at your house, you should be able to get Telus internet since they both use the same signal.


      • Hélène Godin says:

        I have a Rogers phone and the nearest tower is up above Marks Pendergraft property…
        So how would I be able to get my pc going with this. I need the pc, because my husband does marking on screen…

      • anarchistmcs says:

        Well, what I am giving info on is Telus. I have no information on Rogers, unfortunately. If you want to go forward with the Telus solution, you will need to get someone (a neighbour or a friend) to confirm that a Telus cell phone has a good signal at your home. Once that is done, you just need to go to the Telus store in Oliver and request the Mobility Internet Hub for Anarchist Mountain. You will get a little box that you just plug into an electrical outlet and then you should be able to connect to a wireless signal and you will be on the internet!



      • Hélène Godin says:

        Thanks for the info Patti. I will not pursue this avenue as upload speed is important to us. Good to remember that the last ABC outage we had was due to the Telus tower losing power (ABC is piggy-backing on the Telus network).
        We will just trudge along with what we have.

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