Strange Experience

We had a strange experience today. Around 10AM we saw a white BMW with transfer stickers dated August 18, 2015 on the back windshield parked in front of our house. Nobody around. Then we noticed somebody walking down on the fire road above our property/house, and I recognized a man who came to the house last night around 9PM and asked if I had a room. I told him that we were full…………Today he asked again if we had a room, I told him we were full until the 11th. I could kick myself that I did not write his license plate number down………….it’s just too weird.
Has anybody experinced something like that in the last couple of days?
1175 Highway 3 East
Thank you.
Silvia Albrecht & Fritz Schuepbach
Baergnaescht Bed & Breakfast
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One Response to Strange Experience

  1. Jean says:

    Silvia, today at 4:30 a white BMW drove up the lot beside ours (an empty lot), came back down went to the end of Bullmoose Way, and then drove past our house again and, presumably, out of the Bullmoose sub-division.

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