“Priceless” Picture From Chris

Chris' "Priceless" Picture

Chris’ “Priceless” Picture

Attached is the file of a priceless picture – up for auction if anyone is interested in making a bid!!!

The title of the picture is “2015” and is so very evocative of the Summer of 2015, I am sure you agree! This masterpiece was created on August 25th, 2015.

Chris Tallowin


About Okanagan Blues Man

This event is being organized by Mark McKenney, a blues music enthusiast living in the Okanagan Valley , of B.C. Canada
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3 Responses to “Priceless” Picture From Chris

  1. Joyce Berg says:

    Our 42nd anniversary. Truly priceless! 🎉🎉🎉

  2. Sue McEvoy says:

    That is fabulous! Truly a marvel, I love how your portrayed just the right amount of wisp, with just a hint of smokey brush strokes!! Too funny, Chris, thank you for the smile! – Sue McEvoy

  3. Laurie Cardwell says:

    Indeed, the picture truly captures the summer.

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