ENCOMM After 2 Years

What an amazing 2 years it has been since the idea came to light one snowy evening during the Anarchist Mountain Community Society’s AGM in late November 2013 when Wendy Barlow, Sue McEvoy, Richard Douziech and Carolyne Strohmann eagerly raised their hands when volunteers were asked for the “Communications Committee” … little did we know what an amazing, unique ride this would be and where it would take us, and you, the community of Anarchist Mountain …

So, with all the wildland fires in the Okanagan as of late, we are taking this opportunity to re-introduce your EN-Comm team, their history and primary mandates and how it affects Anarchist Mountain residents … please read below on the PDF link  ….

The Evolution of Anarchist Mountain Emergency Notifications – Sue

Thanks  – Sue McEvoy