Think of the Wildlife during the Smoke

Hi All,

This is a message from Patti, your webmaster.

While all of us are hating the smoke and retreating inside and shutting our doors and windows and turning on our furnace fans for filtering, all the wonderful wildlife is stuck outside dealing with the smoke 24/7.  I have never seen so many birds at my birdbath.  Their little throats and lungs must be so sore.  If you haven’t already, consider putting out a shallow dish of water.  The birds will drink and bath in it.

But…the main reason for this post is that my hubby (Bernard) and I just saw a small Mule Deer buck being chased by 2 dogs.  The deer was running for it’s life and being chased by a golden retriever and a large, muscular dark-haired, short-haired dog.  The chase went on for a long time and Bernard ran to the road (Peregrine Dr.) but there was no owner in sight.

It’s normal for dogs to want to chase deer, marmots, etc. but, given the stress our wildlife is under right now, I’m asking you to please keep your dogs under control.