Our Newest Sponsor: Desert Delivery & Parcel Depot

Please welcome Nixon and Kyle Zaye, Anarchist Mountain residents & owners of

Desert Delivery & Parcel Depot

This new parcel business is opening up in Osoyoos on Monday, August 3. This is a service that will certainly be a benefit to Anarchist, Sidley and Bridesville residents.  This will be very helpful since couriers do not deliver up here and driving to Penticton to retrieve packages is a pain.  People can use the depot address as their personal shipping location. They can then pick up their parcels there or have them delivered directly to their home.

Currently they are licenced to be a receiving depot and are working with all major couriers to also become Osoyoos’ sending station as well. This service also provides several other services (pick-up groceries, etc.).

Check out their offerings at www.desertdelivery.ca or click on their ad to the right of the page.