Wildhorse Fire – July 20th

Right now I am smelling the smoke of a fire close by that was started by the big lightening storm late Sunday night. Last night it was really burning and I took some photos from here.Wildhorse Fire July 20 2015Here are the details of the fire.

July 19th lightening storm caused hundreds of forest fires in the Okanagan Valley in the US and BC.  This fire photo is  Wildhorse Fire, 4 miles SE of Oroville and grew to about 185 acres Sunday night. There are about 50 homes threatened. Firefighters, supported by both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, were able to construct about 2,000 feet of fireline. The fire was staffed overnight and more crews arrived to assist today. A total of six crews, four of them hotshot crews, are still working on the Wildhorse Fire. Hotshot crews—there are roughly 107 in the U.S.—consist of 20 firefighters who have been specifically trained to respond to fires in remote regions with little or no logistical support.

Debra Ceravolo, Peregrine Place