2015 BBQ / Silent Auction a Great Success

On Saturday about 95 friends and neighbours gathered for the 2015 BBQ / Silent Auction. The weather was cooperative, and friendship flowed freely.

Hosting an event like this takes planning and effort by a dedicated team of neighbours. I`d like to thank those that helped and recognize some especially generous folks who put an a lot of time into this year`s event:

  • Don Scott (grounds prep / planning)
  • Walter Zinowki (grounds prep)
  • Osoyoos Mountain Estates
  • Patti Brazeau (our webmaster, keeping us informed)
  • Art Harfman (beef ordering, BBQ chef, planning)
  • Urs Grob (BBQ, serving beef)
  • Annette Grob (Colin & Jenny) (Welcome desk)
  • Rudy & Hilda Reimer (BBQ asst., Silent Auction)
  • Teresa & Nick Marty (Music, admin., Silent auction)
  • John Nett & Marianne Arpagaus (planning, shopping, tent set-up, pre-set up in afternoon, tear down)
  • Erwin Berg (AMFD, tables & chairs, fire engine)
  • Anarchist Mtn Fire Dept (AMFD, support, co-hosts)
  • Jim & Brenda Gray (planning, tear down, clean-up)
  • “The Lightbulbs” (Music from Denise & Jamie Soule, Sue McEvoy, Mark McKenney)
  • Silent Auction crew: Wendy Barlow, Wayne Kelly (also auctioneer), Candy & John Anders, Stefan & Suzie Beckman, Richard Douziech, Rudy & Hilda Reimer, Teresa Marty, Debbie Dundas, Laura Haslett, Shelly & Bryan Judd, Gloria Richardson
  • Chuck & Gale Harrison (tear down, clean up)

Without a doubt, I’ve missed people that helped out at the event. Everyone pitched in to help leave the Summit Centre in good shape. If I’ve missed recognizing you, I take that hit for that and apologize. Your assistance is no less appreciated than everyone else’s.

Once we have tallied up the figures we’ll report to the Community how we did with in financial terms, and what our community donation to the Fire Dept. is going to be.

Watch the Osoyoos Times and the Boundary Times this week for articles reporting on this fun evening. There will also be an advertisement placed in the Osoyoos Times, thanking our many sponsors of the Silent Auction. Please note who these sponsors are and support them with your business.

See you next year.

Mark McKenney, AMCS President

Note, a number of things were left at the Summit.  If anything is yours, please e-mail anarchistmcs@gmail.com to arrange to pick it up….Patti

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