Fire Hazard – Industry

Dear Neighbours,

We don’t have to tell you about how hot and dry it has been. The Kamloops Fire Centre has just sent out another bulletin, this time asking industrial companies to exercise EXTREME caution doing anything that may cause a fire. With over 3,500 hectares of fires burning in the Kamloops Fire Centre’s area – this is good advice.   All residents of Anarchist & Sidley Mtn are urged to be extremely vigilant, and report ANY smoke, fires, or lightning strikes to any member of the Fire Dept., or 1-800-663-5555 or *5555 on cellular networks or dial 911 to report it.

Click HERE to view the Kamloops Fire Centre Industry Information Bulletin – July 9 2015

Mark McKenney, President, Anarchist Mountain Community Society

Darwin the dog still missing :(


Thank you so much.  Many have spent time looking but all have been unsuccessful thus far.  We have not given up hope yet.  We received this info from a knowledgeable dog expert:

When a dog gets bitten like that. He will seek out a cool damp place preferably with some mud.  He also said the coyotes will not bother him because they can smell the venom.  He expects Darwin will come home when he recovers.

We hope and pray he has found water.  We have concentrated our search to the known natural watering holes.  I have attached a better and more recent picture (from the day before he vanished).

Bill Seres


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