Yikes! Have you seen/smelled the smoke?

Wow, I’m sure that none of us is enjoying these smoky conditions but isn’t it great to be above the worst of it?  Thank goodness we don’t have any fires here (for now).

I thought I’d share a couple of things with you:

First is a link to an article on Castanet that explains the phenomena of the smoke in the valley:  http://www.castanet.net/edition/news-story-143642-3-.htm#143642

Second is a reminder of the link to the Smoke Forecast that Mark M. provided last summer:  http://firesmoke.ca/forecasts/BSC00WC04/current/

Third is a photo that Margrit Johnson’s daughter took, called “Manning Park Gallows”. We need something like this here:



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2 Responses to Yikes! Have you seen/smelled the smoke?

  1. vees55 says:

    The first time I saw the above gallows with the large cigarette was in April 1954 when we moved to Penticton from Vancouver. The scare on the landscape from the forest fire in Manning Park was still very evident and most people agreed with the sign. However, several years later to many of the liberal element felt that capital punishment such as hangings was not right and down the sign came. Maybe the time has come to put the sign back up.

    • anarchistmcs says:

      Very Interesting aspect! I, personally, am not for capital punishment but didn’t make the very serious connection. I must say though that it does get the point across!


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