Newby Lake Fire

I stepped out the door at 12:30 am last night to sample the fresh mountain air when I noticed a glow of the Newby lake fire over the mountains. I couldn’t resist snapping a few tripod mounted long exposure pictures of the landscape brightened by moonlight. The camera is very sensitive so the fire illuminated smoke is more extensive in the image than visible by eye, but the scene was very dynamic with the glow varying in intensity, sometimes disappearing from view.

Peter Ceravolo
Peregrine Place

Newby Lake Fire

Here is some info on the lighting caused fire: Just west of the Chopakas:

The fire has crossed from the Snowy Protected Area in Canada into the United States. This naturally-occurring fire is burning in the remote wilderness. The BC Wildfire Service is actively monitoring this incident and assessing potential wildfire response tactics. Fire Officers are working closely with our partners in the United States to coordinate wildfire response.

Peter Humphrey

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