Cougar Sighting Today

Thanks to Arnold, a local resident for this account…

Saturday June 27th at 8:45 a.m. I was driving up Bull Moose. A bird flew across the road, briefly catching my attention. The next thing I saw was a blurred mass running perpendicular to my car, then turning parallel, running the opposite direction. While doing so, it side swiped the driver’s side door. I though it might be a deer until I saw the long tail at the side of the window. Looking through the rear view mirror was a very large cougar running back up the hill towards Cougar. It had to be at least 125 lbs. Be careful.

Along with the rattlesnake who discovered us while clearing the underbrush on our property, this isn’t our recollection of what the Welcome Wagon brings. Ah….. tis mountain life we are getting use to.  🙂