Final, formal instructions on how to opt out of a Smart Meter

Please see Fortis’ response to Hilda Reimer’s query regarding opting out of a Smart Meter. The response explains that you must change your meter but that you have the option of having the radio on or off.

Fortis Smart Meter response_Page_1

Fortis Smart Meter response_Page_2 - Copy

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1 Response to Final, formal instructions on how to opt out of a Smart Meter

  1. Jennifer says:

    so Helen needs to be by-passed in this … I did … when you first call fortis asked for Craig the supervisor for advanced metering .. except no one else
    I am having my digital meter put on my hydro pole and not on my house … you will get a call from Dave who will give you a construction reference number and they will call you for a site inspection
    sure I might have to pay a bit more to put it on the pole or a garden shed beside the pole but its not going on my house and I have MANY photos to show the digital meter CAN go on a pole … but you MUST bypass Helen on the call and go to Craig … feel free to use my name Jennifer Brock as he has talked with me a few times now and I now have a construction reference number and a site inspection date

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