FYI – Smart Meter Installation on Bullmoose

Hi Mark,

We assume you have seen this letter posted on the RDOS web site but if not:

Today we arrived at our new property on Bullmoose Way just as a contractor had switched us to a Smart Meter. Gerry spoke to the fellow’s supervisor but to no avail. The Smart Meter had to stay in place. What did become clear is that if we had had a sign posted “Do Not Install Smart Meter” the contractor would have had to abide by that. Too late for us, but maybe other neighbours could be informed to post a sign if they do not wish to have a Smart Meter.

Trust this is helpful,

Debbie Dundass & Gerry Moran

1270 Bullmoose Way

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3 Responses to FYI – Smart Meter Installation on Bullmoose

  1. Teresa Marty says:

    Ours was also installed today on Longview against oir wishes. Ah, Fortis wins again.

    • Hilda says:

      Sorry to hear that Teresa!
      Did you have a notice/sign installed as was suggested and did they then ‘just ignore’ it?

      • I truly doubt that any sign will stop them. I have seen videos online that show Fortis workers cut locks on gates, kick in doors, bring Police officers to allow them to put up unwanted smart meters…even have homeowners arrested for trying to stop them.
        These meters have been banned in many places throughout the world, but they continue to force them on us. We are told that part of the meter can be left turned off for a fee – folks this is rubbish, many intelligent men and women have readers who have tested the meters and they have found them to be turned on and pulsating just as the rest are.
        We are told we live in a democratic country but this is no longer the case. Out only real choice is to take a smart meter or get cut of grid.
        I have tried to get the message out to no avail, my best wishes to you all.

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