Where Else Would This Happen?

Dear Neighbours,

Just a short note to thank the 17 – 18 neighbours that came out this morning to do a spring cleanup at the Summit Centre. Thanks goes out to: Jim & Brenda Gray, Suzie & Stefan Beckman, Arlyn Greig, Brenda Boldock, Alice & Walter Zinowki, Margrit Johnson, Wayne Kelley, Erwin Berg, Laura & Kelly Haslett, Rudy Reimer, Don Hayward, Florian Landry, Urs Grob, Bernard Brazeau and Mark. If I missed anyone – my apologies.

In the 90 minutes we chipped in, we got the grass cut, property raked, sidewalks blown clean, grass cuttings and debris removed, inside floors cleaned, furniture dusted, furniture re-arranged with a “ladies touch”, windows washed and the garbage put out. The place looks fantastic thanks to our neighbours’ efforts. Thanks a million everyone.

A special thanks to Erwin & Joyce Berg for donating a great little vacuum cleaner that will now stay at the Summit Centre.

Here are a few pictures.

IMG_2872 IMG_2836 IMG_2838 IMG_2841 IMG_2848 IMG_2851 IMG_2854 IMG_2862 IMG_2864 IMG_2867

Mark McKenney, President, Anarchist Mountain Community Society


Peter Humphrey

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