Thought you would want to know that we went for our noon hour walk this week, and found a huge rattlesnake in the rocks at the rock pit area behind the Summit Centre.  Everyone should be careful.

Barb & Garth Haskell

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One Response to Rattlesnakes

  1. Addie Houston says:

    Please be very careful, watch and teach your children safe practices and protect your pets !! Last summer, immediately around the house on Falcon Place, I saw at least eight Rattlesnakes, plus a harmless Racer and Rubber Boa. The Rattlers were all different and seen at various times of the day. Two were about four feet in size and warned me away…one was within a foot of my front door at 4 a.m. and poised to strike as soon as I opened the door. A very close call! Had to go out to walk the dog and was rudely awakened!! Another silent baby with no rattle was discovered hiding under the outdoor couch! We had literally been sitting on top of it ! Two of the more venomous babies showed up by back door stoop. Three others were at the edges of the driveway. My neighbor also said they saw several on their porch.

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