A letter regarding even more illegal dumping

Please read the letter, below.  Jan has done a great job documenting what he’s seen.  If you come across this vehicle, please try to get the licence plate number and e-mail it to Mark  Mckenney@vip.net


Hello Mark,

My name is Jan, my mom Jana & myself met you a few months back at the summit center during your presentation regarding the theft problem at the time up on the mountain. This was right after the Grays atv’s were stolen etc..  We just read the AMCS posting about suspicious characters and thought it might be a good idea to inform you of an incident which occurred last week. We’re currently having a trench dug for an electricity cable to our building lot on Bullmoose by Ed Williams. He and his friends do a fair amount of atv-ing  in the area and he mentioned of someone dumping a bunch of pallets & other building garbage from construction in the old cabin area behind the Bullmoose subdivision at the far end of Lamont Rd.

Ironically, last week on a day off we were observing a moose and other wildlife along Lamont road when a large truck slowly & suspiciously came towards us and then passed without opening windows, saying high etc. They were also towing a large trailer full of pallets. At the time we thought nothing of it, as the same morning there were a couple large 18 wheeler truck deliveries on that same road with cows for grazing. We assumed that this pickup was just bring in materials for the cow herders etc. Obviously now we know that they were driving all the way to the large clearing by the old cabin to dump construction garbage…..

Unfortunately we didn’t get the licence plate on the vehicle, other wise we would have called the rcmp the other day when we found about the dump from Ed. We just want everybody to know who to look out for. As a owner of many pickups, I can tell you that this vehicle is unmistakable and could easily be picked out from afar. The pickup (with large trailer at the time) was either a 2500 or 3500 Dodge ram diesel. All black in color, with black tinted windows. Alberta licence plates. This pickup is extremely modified, by which I mean it is lifted with a suspension lift along with the oversized tires 35″ at least etc.. It also has a large red inbox gas refueling tank in the back bed, the type used by heavy equipment operators to refuel etc.. Pretty hard to miss this truck ! Might be someone local doing a reno or hired someone to dump it in the area for them. I would guess If you were to stand on main street down in Osoyoos for a couple afternoons you’d be hard pressed to miss this truck if it drove by. Like I mentioned, it’s a very particular pickup. As they drove right beside us slowly without waving, we noticed that the occupants were 2 younger guys, 25-40 years old and very nervous looking.  We’ll get that plate next time ! haha

Thanks Mark.

Best regards,

Jan & Jana M.