Be extra diligent: Suspicious Characters in the area

Last night, a Sidley Mtn resident reported that 3 suspicious men in a late model brown Monte Carlo car were seen for the third day in a row apparently casing out properties in the Sidley Mtn area. A couple of residents confronted these guys and warned them of the consequences of such activities, or thefts from these residents. Mountain residents are asked to watch for this vehicle and call RCMP if it’s seen. These guys are up to no good.

Also last night, a Wapiti resident reported that a vehicle was seen driving up and down Wapati 3 or 4 times.

Please be extra diligent and, if you see anything suspicious, obtain as much information as possible: vehicle type, colour, number of occupants, a description, time of day, etc. and report it to the RCMP.

An e-mail to Mark McKenney would also be helpful.