Untended Fire – Grizzly Road

Suspicious Fire on Grizzly Road

On Friday, May 8th a resident on Grizzly Road reported an unattended fire burning in the ditch. The fire was small, but appeared to have been lit on purpose. There was accumulated branches and small fuel burning. The resident properly called the Fire Dept. to report the fire (Fire Chief 250-485-7082 or 911 if no response). A fire crew was dispatched and the fire was extinguished promptly. No spread to adjacent forested properties occurred.

The fire was suspicious in that it appeared to be intentionally lit.  We ask all residents to be on the look out for any suspicious activities, or any unrecognized persons or vehicles in our community. If you see anything suspicious call our community watch chair (Kevin Burk at 250-4857821 or Mark McKenney 250-486-2382 or call 911 (ask for Anarchist Mountain Fire Dept.); if you witness someone intentionally lighting a mischief fire. If possible record a description of the person / vehicle. If you approach someone don’t endanger yourself. Back off if you perceive a threat and call authorities.

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