Comparison between Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Brian & Jean Ross (Bullmoose Way) recently moved from Rogers to a Telus hub for their internet service.  For the techies, they went with the Huawei, Model 8882-66 LTE Wireless Gateway.  Their service is supplied via Satellite, just like our cell phones.

Jean and I have been in touch regarding cell service (we both moved to Telus cell phones recently), so when she mentioned they moved to Telus as an ISP, we decided to do a speed comparison between Telus and our ISP, ABC Communications.

We coordinated tests at 2 times.  One was at 9:30pm and one was at 9am…both weekdays. My husband, Bernard, chose this site to do the test:

In both cases, Jean’s results totally surpassed ours.  Her download speed was spectacular compared to ours.  With ABC we have never hit 4 Mbps and Jean’s was over that during the first test and during the 2nd test, her’s was 10.21 Mbps.

On the other side, Bernard did a bit of research on the monthly cost of service and it appears that the cost of the Telus service is more expensive than the cost of ABC Communications service.

Please note that this is not a recommendation of either ISP… just a bit of information sharing.