Next F.A.R. workshops

Hello Everyone,
I know this is fairly short notice, but I still hope to see several of you.
Rather than have another workshop in April, I am inviting you to come and do a bit of a tour of Teddybear Farm.  This way you will get to see several of the workshops of the past year put into practice.
Also – I am announcing when the FAR garden in the Community Garden will be attended so you can have the opportunity of participating and learning at the same time.
Please take a good look at the two attachments, and make a note of the dates.
There will be a series of workshops over the summer and fall – 4 to be exact – on Bees & Bee keeping. These will be announced when I have the final information on them, so check the website as well as your emails!
See you soon!
Teddybear Farm Tour - 2015 04 25_Page_1 A Notice to All FAR Members & Others