FireSmart/Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on May 2, 2015

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day   –   Saturday,  May 2nd, 2015                  

Come and join us for our first annual Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 at 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM; at Sasquatch Pond. This event is being sponsored by FireSmart Canada, though our local FireSmart Committee. A friendly BBQ offering hot dogs & hamburgers will be part of the event.

The project Anarchist Mountain will be undertaking for 2015 is to apply the FireSmart 3.5 principles to the RDOS parkland known as the Sasquatch pond. This land sits at the entrance to one of our largest residential areas, Sasquatch. In the event of a wildfire, this will ensure safer access and egress by residents and firefighters to this area. This is also the only reliable access point to this area at this time. The Sasquatch pond is also used by the community for various functions such as fund raising BBQs and winter gatherings. Additional benefits are that the Anarchist Community Society is presently working with the RDOS to seek funds to bring power to this parcel of land. There is a pre-existing water well and pump that we plan on energizing to bring up the pond level to facilitate the loading of fire trucks and helicopter buckets in the event of a fire.

The support required from residents will be to limb some trees, cutting down of brush and grass, and the subsequent removal of this material. If the weather cooperates we will be burning on site. Our local Fire Department is supporting this effort and will have a fire crew and Engine 111 on site. This will be an opportunity for residents to participate in a brush burning training session with Fire Dept. oversight.

Click HERE to view the recently-updated FireSmart page.  It contains 2015 goals and services, information on the Wildfire Community Preparedness Day initiative, valuable links and more.