Are Marmots cute or what?

On a cool, rainy day, what’s better than looking at a couple of pictures of things to come? These 2 Marmots were photographed by Pamela Kenny last summer.  She and her partner, Darrell Latimer, have purchased a property on the Raven Hill Road Extension.

Welcome to Pamela and Darrell!  …and to the 2 Marmots in the photos below.  I bet they’ve poked their heads out again this year.

DSC01223 DSC01224

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3 Responses to Are Marmots cute or what?

  1. Hilda & Rudy says:

    I believe these are ‘Columbia Ground Squirrels’ – they are not as large as Marmots (but the entrances to their dens are large & a hazard to horses and hikers). We have not seen any this year yet on Raven, they will be out soon and then when the heat of August arrives – they ‘disappear’ into their dens until the next spring. Here is a link to learn more about them:

  2. Hilda & Rudy says:

    Update on my comment of this morning….seen our 1st ground squirrel of the season this afternoon at 5:30!

  3. Patti says:

    Thanks for the clarification, Hilda & Rudy! I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen them but will keep an eye out. We have seen a few Marmots on the road below us. I love the way they “wag” their tails up and down. I wonder what that means?

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