Confusion around the new Telus Cell Tower

A couple of weeks ago I heard that the folks living on Raven were “Raving” about they’re new cell service and it was assumed that, as the Crow (or Raven) flies, it was due to the new, mammoth, Telus tower on Sasquatch.

It seems not.  Apparently, the tower was not active when the Raven residents began getting cell coverage but another hwy 3 tower to the east, recently activated, may be giving them some signals.  Again, this is just speculation because we can’t seem to get any official information from Telus.

Telus has kept the info around the status of the Anarchist Tower close to it’s chest.  Calling Telus or visiting the Telus Store in Oliver will give you no information on the status or planned activation of this tower.

Brian and Jean Ross, on BullMoose, have a “contact” with Telus and did some research and were told that the tower was just activated on Friday (2 days ago).  This is great news, but I need to “hear it” before I believe it, since we’ve been strung along for some time.

Many of us are poised and ready to change our cell plans but need confirmation of the Telus tower being active.  If you have any information around new or better signals, please leave a comment (at the bottom of this post).  FYI, I know for sure that Bell and K00do use the Telus towers, so we would like to hear anyone using Telus, Bell or Koodo.

Thanks on behalf of the community,