Sue Terada’s Beloved Pinta passed at age 12

It’s with a heavy heart that I pass on the news that Sue & Naga’s sweet dog, Pinta, has passed away.  Pinta was 12 and spent 10 wonderful years with Sue and Naga.

Everyone on the mountain will know Pinta, either from seeing her walking with Sue and friends or tripping over her at different events.  Pinta always curled at Sue’s feet at events but a few legs always stuck out.  I said “Sorry, Pinta” a number of times but loved every encounter I had with her.

I put together a little slide show to remember Pinta.  Thanks so much to Margrit Johnson for providing most of the photos.

If you are interested in learning about the guide dog program or wish to donate, please click here:

Click to view the slideshow:


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11 Responses to Sue Terada’s Beloved Pinta passed at age 12

  1. Irvin & Donna Redekopp says:

    Really sorry to hear about Pinta, Sue & Naga. She was a wonderful dog and will be missed dearly but remembered always.

  2. J. Middleton / D. Hughes says:

    So sorry to hear of Pinta’s passing, she was a lovely dog and we are sure she will be greatly missed by you and the community. John and Dianne (Longview Road)

  3. soldbybrock says:

    So sad the loss of a family member. As a member of the local Lions Club I encourage all to donate to the Guide Dog program. Last year our club had a fundraiser to fund for a seeing eye dog. Lions are the majority supporters for Guide Dogs. God bless those we have lost, and God bless those who have to endure that loss. Jennifer Brock

  4. Butch and Donna Ferguson says:

    Sue and Naga, we are sorry for your loss. Pinta was a beautiful companion to you and was loved by everyone on this mountain. Take pride in knowing that she had a perfect country life being at your side and living with you….we will all miss her too.
    Butch and Donna Ferguson

  5. Jean says:

    Thank you Patti and Margrit for such a lovely tribute. And thanks especially to Sue for allowing me to spoil Pinta whenever we were together…I will miss her so much. Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge sweet girl. 💚 Auntie Jean

  6. Silvia Albrecht says:

    I am so so sad to hear about Pinta’s passing. I remember you fondly when you joined the Ladie’s snowshoeing on Monday’s at Mt.Baldy. I have not seen you in nearly 2 years, but you kept a piece of my heart Pinta. May you rest in peace, and look out for your “mom” here on earth from the rainbow bridge. I will never forget you.
    To you Sue my deepest sympathy.

  7. We are so sorry to hear about Pinta. She was a sweet sweet girl whose temperament reflected the peace of Sue’s soul. The unambiguous love of a dog is the hardest to lose. Our heartfelt sympathy to Sue.

  8. Jon and Gail says:

    So very very sorry about Pinta Sue, Hugs to you and Naga.

  9. Mark & Patricia McKenney says:

    Without question Pinta was an joyous part of our community, and she was loved by everyone that came in contact with her. Her dedication to Sue was rewarded in the love that Naga and Sue returned to her throughout her life. She will be missed by all.

  10. Hilda & Rudy says:

    😦 Pinta will be missed! Our condolences to you both.

  11. Sue Terrada says:

    I want to thank everyone for your loving support during this difficult time. It humbles me to see how much Pinta was loved by the community on this mountain. She was not only my guide but my faithful friend, companion and confidant. Pinta, may you run free, now that your spirit has been released from your earthly body. Sue

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