Stella Natura calendars

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay on this!  These Stella Natura calendars help us plant with the flow of energy from the sun, moon & stars, so that our efforts produce the best results possible.

I have contacted Stella Natura and if we order 10 copies – the cost instead of $15 US each will be 40% less = $9 US.

The shipping – priority (which would get the calendars to my US mail box in 3 days – would be US $1.15.

Total cost US $ 10.15 = currently would be $12.75 CAN

If you are interested, please let me know before the end of Feb, and the order will be placed.  Send your check to:

 Leda M Fair
Box 318
Midway, BC  V0H 1M0

If by the end of February I do not get 10 order, I will return your checks.  I just cannot fund this myself.


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