Boundary Women’s Christmas Luncheon: Cookbooks for Sale

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and welcomed in the New Year with joy.

I am contacting you to tell you about something special that has been made in 2014.

You see – the women of the Boundary region have had a celebration every year on the first Wednesday of December.  2014 was the 30th year this celebration has happened.

Some of you know this, and know that one of the things that was suggested to mark this occasion was that a cook book be made to celebrate this “30th Anniversary of the Ladies Christmas Luncheon”.

When I was asked to spearhead this effort, I wanted the collection to be a bit different, so I requested stories from the contributors – whether about the recipes, or about the family histories, or both!  I did get some of these.  I also determined that there should be photos of old barns, buildings, and farms or ranches in the book to give it a flavour of the area’s history.

Over 70 ladies contributed recipes that have been favourites in their families, and some of the recipes have been handed down for 2 or 3 generations, so you know they are good.  Some of the recipes also came from new residents to the area – myself included.

Altogether, there are just under 200 recipes, divided into categories, including sugar-free, and gluten-free sections, with photos, as mentioned above, filling in blank spaces.  The comments we have received so far have been very good.  We had 150 copies printed initially, then a second printing of 20, and now I am looking to see if there are enough requests for copies to make a third printing possible.

The format is 8 ½ x 11”, and is spiral bound so it lies flat when opened.  The cost is only $12, as we did not want to make it a fund raiser, but just cover the printing costs.

If you wish to see a copy of the book, or would like to have these recipes in your collection – (I must say, the ones I have already tried are really delicious!) – you can contact me at the following places:

Leda M Fair

The Teddybear Farm

250 449-2639             

 815 Division St, Midway        

(please call before you drop by to see my copy) 

If you know what the book looks like and would like to reserve a copy, you can send a cheque.

Please make it payable to “King of Kings” and send it to:

L Fair

 #318 – 815 Division St

Midway, BC    V0H 1M0

Thank you for reading this, and I hope to hear from you.