Thanks to all who organized the Potluck !!!

On behalf of all that attended the festive Anarchist Mountain Christmas potluck last evening, I would like to thank Brenda Gray, Deb Thomson (+ their helpers) for hosting such a fantastic get-together!  The beautifully decorated Summit was such a cozy mountain venue! Huge thanks also to Ron and Helen allowing us to use it!!
Have a great day!
Gale Harrison
Great pics below courtesy of Gale…
2014 Potluck 4 2014 Potluck 5 2014 Potluck 6 2014 Potluck 7 2014 Potluck 8 2014 Potluck 9 2014 Potluck 10 2014 Potluck 11 2014 Potluck 12 2014 Potluck 13 2014 Potluck 14 2014 Potluck 15 2014 Potluck 16 2014 Potluck 17 2014 Potluck 18 2014 Potluck 2 2014 Potluck 3
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2 Responses to Thanks to all who organized the Potluck !!!

  1. Barb says:

    Thanks for the pictures Gale and Chuck: I’m so proud to be part of this community…all I can say is that anyone who doesn’t want to live here, or who doesn’t want to pay the price for a lot or a house is nuts because it is the best place in the world to live…

  2. John Nett says:

    looks like everybody had lots of fun. Sorry we missed it , but we where out of town
    Marianne & John

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