FireSmart Community Status Renewed for 2015

Today we learned that our Community’s status as a FireSmart Community has been renewed for 2015!

Click PiP Anarchist FCCRP Renewal Approval December 15_14 to view the letter.  This is not an automatic renewal, and each year our FireSmart Committee must provide evidence that our community continues its activities towards making this a FireSmart Community. The committee demonstrated that through their 6 formal meetings, multiple interactions with residents through property evaluations; operating the waste brush site during the past summer, hosting a FireSmart Day and attending a FireSmart training seminar; that our community indeed continues its efforts in this regard. In all the estimated “volunteer value” of these efforts are estimated at $6,900 of effort to make your community FireSmart.

On behalf of our community I want to shout out a big thank you to our FireSmart Committee volunteers: Denis Thomson, Chuck Harrison, Darren Hutchison, Walter Zinowki, and Richard Douziech.  These folks have put a lot of time and effort into the FireSmart program on Anarchist Mountain.

Have a look at the FireSmart section on our website for more information about this important community program. More work is underway on this section of the website. Once completed we’ll let you know what’s available.

Mark McKenney, AMCS President