Another Possible Hunter in the Area

A neighbourhood couple was walking the trail between Mule Deer Pt. and Big Horn late this afternoon and came across a man in a truck who had a rifle in the truck and appeared to be ready to get it out and shoot.  There was a nice herd of deer nearby.

The couple confronted the man and asked if he lived in the area and told him he was trespassing, since there is a no trespassing sign approaching the trail at one end.  The man claimed that he didn’t know where he was.  The couple sent him on his way and they say that it was pretty obvious that he was there to hunt.

So, 2 messages from this couple:

1.  We should consider posting more “No Hunting” and “No Trespassing” signs in the area.  Perhaps THE AMCS BOARD can add this to the agenda at the AGM.  The picture at the bottom of this post is of a casing found in the same area.  It’s been there for several days, so there are obviously others hunting in the area.

2. Look out for this truck.  We have the licence plate and a picture of the man but are not posting it here.  We will be contacting Conservation with the details.

photo 2


photo 3