UPDATE: Another Cougar!

Update: This attack happened at the Arosa Ranch.  The poor horse was chased to exhaustion and then attacked.  This cougar was estimated at weighing over 180 lbs.

According to John, male cougars have a territory of 150 square miles and females have half that.

Another mountain resident sent this link to an interesting article from Oroville.  http://www.gazette-tribune.com/news/fish-and-wildife-warn-of-cougar-in-oroville-area/68750/


John and Marianne reported that a cougar attacked one of their horses on Saturday. The Vet went out but was not able to save the horse.  😦

They saw the cougar and said that it was a VERY big cat!

For information on cougars and how to avoid or manage an encounter:  http://www.rdosmaps.bc.ca/min_bylaws/PublicWorks/WildSafeBC/LivingWithWildlifeInBC/Cougar.pdf

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3 Responses to UPDATE: Another Cougar!

  1. Jill Penfound says:

    Could we have a location on this encounter please. Not sure who John and Marianne are or where they live. Thanks!

    • G. Richardson says:

      Arosa Ranch is a couple of km east of Raven/9 Mile.
      All the recent sightings could be the same cat as cougars do not tend to share territory.

  2. Trish Anderson says:

    We really need folks to share this kind of information much more quickly so everyone can protect their livestock and pets.

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