Be Vigilant: Cougars & Hunters Are Around


Last week a resident saw a cougar run across the road at the Bullmoose statue.

Today, someone was walking 3 dogs on the extension of Bullmoose Trail, which is the gravel road leading to the cutline, and one of his dogs was attacked by a cougar. Fortunately, one of his other dogs ran towards the cougar and scared it away.  The owner was shaken up and the dog had a few scratches.

For information on cougars and how to avoid or manage an encounter:


Hunting season is upon us and hunters are out in full-force.  One resident suggested that residents avoid walking on crown land at this time of the year.

Also, some residents have reported seeing spent shell casings in our area.  Others have heard gunshots that sound too close to be fired from the adjoining crown land.

If you know who to call if you see illegal hunting activities, please comment at the end of this post.

Stay Safe!

Patti – Webmaster