Fire Today – Quick Action

Once again our community worked fast to prevent a serious event. Today, Monday Sep 29, the burn piles at the Caribou Pit caught fire.  This is where residents have been bringing brush for the past year. We don’t know if the fire was spontaneous or due to some carelessness, but at any event, resident (& fire fighter), Patricia Andersen was quick to report the fire.

A crew of fire fighters (Gloria Richardson, Jamie Soule, Rudy Reimer and Mark McKenney (delayed response) responded and had the fire under control in about 1 1/2 hours.

The fire was close to getting to the trees, but it was brought under control before that occurred. This fire may smolder for a few days but it is under regular surveillance and not deemed to be a threat.

Even though we are getting into autumn we all still need to be vigilant. Great work Fire Dept, and thanks, Patricia, for the quick reporting action.

Caribou Pit Fire 2 Caribou Pit Fire 1

Mark McKenney, President

Anarchist Mountain Community Society

324 Grizzly Place

Osoyoos, BC , Canada

V0H 1V6


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3 Responses to Fire Today – Quick Action

  1. Loula Venetsanopoulos says:

    Though we reside in Vancouver but visit our cabin often, we want to thank the fire department .

  2. Alena Bajkov says:

    yes – thank you so much

  3. Rick Hudy says:

    Thanks to the team!

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