Emergency Notification & Communication Test – Saturday


Dear Anarchist & Sidley Mountain residents,

Below is a note from the Emergency Notification & Communication Committee. They have done a superb job at getting our notification system ready to test and soon to become operational. Our community owes our thanks to Wendy Barlow, Carolyne Strohmann, Sue McEvoy and Richard Douziech as well as the many Area Leads and Alternate Area Leads that have been working on this project this year.

From the ENCOMM Committee:

The data is gathered and we are ready to test our automated and manual notification systems!  There will be a mountain wide test of the Automated System this Saturday, 20 Sept, at 10am, which is phone based.  Area Leads will also initiate the Manual System (Phone Tree) established in each of the 10 areas, at 1005am.

This email information will also be sent by the Anarchist Mountain Society and the Fire Department.  

The results of the Automated System will be tracked by the Emergency notification team through the Automated tracking system, so no follow up is required from residents nor Leads for the Automated System.

Area Leads: Please forward this email to your areas, if you have the capability.  Request that once each person has received their call from the phone tree, and informed their 2 people, to send you (the Area Lead) an email confirming their actions.  Then forward the results to myself (as per below) so we can determine any flaws/holes in each areas Phone Tree.

The following provides timings for the Manual Notification:

10:00 AM – Notification Team will initiate the automated Broadcast MOUNTAIN  WIDE

10:05 AM – Area Leads will activate the phone tree 

11:00 AM – Area leads to email Wendy Barlow of the success of the phone tree. (i.e.: 20 people on phone tree, 5 unsuccessful notifications)

Here is a slideshow that shows several fires that have occured where we live to demonstrate that these events are real and a serious threat. Click here to download: Anarchist Mountain Fires

Mark McKenney, President

Anarchist Mountain Community Society