Market on the Mountain: Huge Success!

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Market on the Mountain was an enjoyable and well attended day.  We raised $450 for the Anarchist Mountain Fire Dept through table rentals and a concession.

It was a great way to meet neighbours from around the mountain, make new connections and create a real sense of community.  Hopefully we can do this again next year.

I would like to say a special thank you to those who made this day a success….

  • Walter Zinowki and Don Hayward for picking up, dropping off, setting up and taking down tables and chairs, helping people carry items to and from their cars and cleaning the centre
  • Elizabeth Dahabieh for running the concession and cleaning the centre
  • Bev Greene for helping to run the concession
  • Trish Anderson for distributing posters and making the highway signs
  • Mark McKenney for writing and sending out newsletters and creating advertising posters
  • Family Foods for their generous donation of hotdogs, buns and beverages
  • Ron & Helen Palmer for the use of the hot dog roller
  • Anarchist Mountain Society for the use of the Summit Centre
  • The volunteers who trimmed the grass around the centre


Alice Zinowki