First Yard Refuse Collection in 2014 was a big success!

June 21st was the kick-off for the 2014 Yard Refuse Collection which turned out to be a huge success! Twelve loads of material were hauled in over a two hour period.

 See Pics below!

This is one of the projects managed by the FireSmart Committee to support the ongoing commitment to fire management. Some facts and messages from our Government around Fire Management:

  • Forest fires are a reality and each year 2,000 occur in the province, nearly half caused by people.
  • Trends indicate wildfires are increasing in frequency and severity. Climate change is making the situation worse.
  • Preparing for wildfires is a shared responsibility. We all have a part to play in protecting our families, homes, communities, and forests.

 There are a few easy steps for home owners to follow:

  1. Use fire-resistant roofing and building materials.
  2. Thin trees and remove leaf litter, shrubs and branches from the area around your home
  3. Stack firewood and other flammable items at a distance from buildings
  4. Identify and secure hazardous materials
  5. Ensure fires are managed safely and obey all burning restrictions

The next refuse collection day will be July 19th.  A reminder will be posted on the website ahead of time.

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