Share a bit of history and help the Rock Creek Women’s Institute

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To the ladies of Anarchist – especially the long time residents…..

Many of you may already know that the Rock Creek Women’s Institute is celebrating its 30th Anniversary of the Christmas Luncheon this year on December 3rd.

I have been given the task of collecting recipes for the cook book that they want to put together.  We wanted the cook book to be a little different than most, so I am looking for recipes that either are real family favourites, and/or have some history behind them.

The history can be of the family, or the recipe could come from another country when the family came here.

I understand that there are several families in the Sidley Mountain area of the West Boundary that have been here for many years, and that there may be lots of good recipes that have been asked for over and over by family, friends, and for pot lucks.  Would you ladies care to contribute to the book?

If you would, please email me – Leda Fair – at with the recipes, and with the story behind them.  I would also appreciate receiving your phone numbers in case I need to clarify a point or two.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care and God bless,

Leda Leda Fair