Yard Refuse Disposal – This Saturday 10am – 12pm

Just a reminder that you can dispose of your Yard Waste Sat. June 21 at the OMEI Caribou Pit 

The site is located on the second road to the right as you pass the Caribou statue

Denis Thomson will open and close the site and also monitor the origin and material coming into the site. 

The site is to be used for the following ONLY:

  • Grass, leaves, needles etc.
  • Brush and single branches that can be chipped, i.e. 2-3″ in diameter and a reasonable length.

Please Note:

  • Items being brought in bags, boxes, etc. are to be emptied and the containers taken away.
  • NO construction debris is to be brought in.
  • Large pieces of trees and/or stumps will not be allowed.
  • Any abuse of the site will result in its immediate closure.

For more information about the FireSmart initiatives, visit our FireSmart Page