Be Bear-Wise! They are back!


Report from Gloria Richardson:

There is a young bear currently in the Raven Hill/Nine Mile area.  As it is fairly small, the regional Conservation Officer believes it is likely a yearling kicked out by Mommy, who is now in search of a ‘territory’. S/he was spotted scarfing into a neighbourhood garbage bag which had just been put out for collection.

The Conservation Officer states that garbage is extremely addictive; a couple of meals and the bear is hooked for life on the concept of free food from people.  The bear then rapidly becomes a nuisance and potentially dangerous, and its life expectancy drops dramatically. The Conservation Officer requested that the neighbourhood be reminded of some basic interventions to decrease the likelihood of people/wildlife conflict:

1.  Do not put garbage out the night before pickup;

2.  Clean BBQs;

3.  Do not leave pet food and bird feeders out overnight; and

4.  Protect gardens with sturdy fencing.

He stated if we minimize food attraction around our homes, bears and other wildlife can still live in and transit through our community safely. For more information about living with bears, please click HERE

This picture was taken by Jill Penfound on Bullmoose Ct. a few weeks ago: