Silent Auction at the BBQ July 12





 Local residents rely on and appreciate their local Fire Department.  The Anarchist Mountain Fire Department (AMFD) was created as a direct response to the July 2003 wild fire that raged on the mountain that summer and burned 3 homes.  Originally formed by a small group of residents, the Fire Department is now a ‘regional service’ paid for by all property owners within the fire service area.

All Fire Departments require proper equipment, training and facilities and those are not easily obtained from public funds.  The AMFD always welcomes and appreciates donations from generous residents.  To this end, several key pieces of equipment have been purchased in recent years directly as a result of donations.  These include another tanker truck, an all-terrain response vehicle and a ‘rescue truck’.  These pieces increase the capabilities of the AMFD to protect properties in our area.  In this past year as a result of a community fundraiser, over $3,400 was donated which resulted in the purchase of a shelter structure to house the spare fire engine kept at the top of the mountain on Raven Hill Rd. to improve response time for fires nearer to that area, along with some donated funds to be dedicated to purchase tools and supplies required by the Fire Department throughout the year.

This summer, the Community Society is again organizing a ‘Silent Auction’.  100% of the proceeds from this silent auction will be donated to the Anarchist Mountain Fire Department.  Area residents Candy Anders and Wendy Barlow are organizing the auction.  The bidding and awarding of the items will happen at the Anarchist Mountain Community BBQ held Saturday, July 12.  More details on the BBQ to follow.

Over the next two months, we are asking residents and local businesses to consider making a donation of an item to be auctioned.  For example, you may have a talent such as artwork – painting, fiber, pottery etc. , or some residents have spoken about purchasing a suitable item to auction off.  If you have something you wish to donate, please call one of the Silent Auction organizers.  Also, if you have a relationship with a local business and would like to contact them yourself or forward that referral onto the silent auction team, please advise.

Candy Anders                                                            Wendy Barlow

250 498 7554                                                            250 485 2699                

Thank you for your consideration.

 SILENT AUCTION will take place SATURDAY, JULY 12, 2014 during the ANARCHIST MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY BBQ. Summit Centre, Hwy 3 / Peregrine Rd (adjacent Hwy 3 Rest Stop)